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Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm was invited and participated in the annual training conference of Creative Pharma Services, with a presentation titled: “Companies and Confidentiality”.

The presentation of Mr. Stavros Koumentakis gathered the high interest of nearly one hundred executives and associates of the company who participated, as, apart from the general context of the issue, Mr. Koumentakis also referred to the specific issues arising for the Pharmaceutical market.

Obligation Of Confidentiality

Mr. Stavros Koumentakis, Senior Partner of Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm started his address with a reference into the obligation of confidentiality for all information related to a company and its stakeholders, such as associates, clients and employees and he furtherly focused on the particular issues related to pharmaceutical industry, including any information related to studies and pharmacovigilance as well as products, designs, patents, documents on policies and procedures.

Personal Data

Mr. Koumentakis then referred to the issue of personal data, the obligations and rights of employees and associates, and the capabilities that companies have in order to ensure Confidentiality (e-mail monitoring, retrieving deleted mail, recording of data from the company’s computers, etc.).

Confidentiality Regulations And Sanctions

As Mr. Koumentakis stated, the legal framework for confidentiality regulations is quite comprehensive both in general (Civil Code and Penal Code), and in particular (Law 2472/1997, Law 144/1914, Greek Code of Ethics for Pharmacists), as well as at the level of a company (Employment Agreements, Labor Code, Code of Ethics, NDA’s), while the sanctions for a confidentiality breach are Civil Penalties (two times the annual remuneration, compensation for any damage), Penal sanctions (custodial sentences, financial penalties) and Professional penalties.

The Benefits Of Confidentiality

In conclusion, Mr. Koumentakis, noted that the issue is NOT, mainly legal, and that the benefits of securing confidentiality are obvious to the company, its clients, its employees and their families. Since, on the one hand, the company believes in its partners and trust in them, and on the other hand the partners confirm the high levels of professionalism with respectful confidentiality, this is a factor of growth and prosperity. “Regardless of sanctions, it is necessary to align the philosophy of the stakeholders and maintain high professional standards”.

Koumentakis & Associates Law Firm was represented in the conference by Konstantinos Kornilakis, Partner and by Petrini Naidou, Senior Associate.

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