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Medical Affairs Training


As the demand on conducting Clinical Trials continuously increases, outsourcing development services is the key to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries. Through our broad expertise and high quality services Creative Pharma Services S.M.S.A. is dedicated to facilitate you on every aspect of the clinical trial process. From drug development to post marketing studies and pharmacovigilance, we cover all spectrum of pharmaceutical fields and deliver a broad range of services.

Creative Pharma Services S.M.S.A. is a customer oriented company. Our mission is to meet customer needs, while maintaining strict confidentiality and professionalism. With continuous provision of progress feedback to the clients based on careful and coordinated effort Creative Pharma Services S.M.S.A. can achieve every goal. We are committed to provide high quality services to our clients within agreed timelines. This is achieved simultaneously by increased efficiency while reducing the costs as well as any potential risk factors to achieve the best results in the drug development both globally and locally.
Creative Pharma Services S.M.S.A. employs experienced, highly skilled and trained professionals that meet the local regulations and GCP compliance by ICH. We make sure that we orchestrate the projects by close cooperation with our clients to achieve excellence in timely and accurate results.

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of Creative Pharma Services S.M.S.A.. Our People are committed and have outstanding academic background and that is our greatest asset. We are passionate, outcome-oriented and we want to thrive on every project.

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Creative Pharma Services S.M.S.A. is an ISO certified company

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